I am an astronaut, a renegade
Tearing through the dark, own a new way
It’s ride or die, seize the night
I’m gonna burn it up, up, up, up



Take me out and we’ll karaoke
Tonight we feel famous, don’t we?
Pick me up and we’ll make a movie
I’m acting like the world can’t hold me down, down, down
They’ll never hold me down, down, down
We’ll pass the mic around, around, around, around

The Age Of Worry

Close your eyes and clone yourself
Build your heart an army
To defend your innocence
While you do everything wrong


Fighting the water has left me tired. Many times, I would rather that the current take me wherever. But I know where I want to go, where I have to be.

Remember December

I remember you and I
We were standing still in time
As we watched the starlight shining bright
We dream of forever
We’ll be together
I remember December time

A Step You Can’t Take Back

Here comes the train upon the track And there goes the pain, it cuts to black Are you ready for the last act? To take a step you can’t take back? From the Begin Again OST

Hearing Winners

Have you ever listened to a song and thought it was a winner? Some months ago, a friend posted “Monumento”, a creation of veteran composer Jungee Marcelo and is one of his two entries for this year’s Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs, a songwriting and music video competition. It is interpreted by two of the…

A List About Lists

And while it’s not as thick, it proved to be a challenge to open while inside a packed train. Despite the struggle, I have enjoyed reading it. And the quizzical looks I received were quite a bonus!

The Blur Last Night

We had a pasta-pizza dinner then another walk and hung out somewhere far from the crowd. That quiet was replaced by so much noise because they danced and we sang the hour away.

Unthinkable and Unexpected

Despite the joy and relief after the resignation, I knew that there would be an underlying drag. I knew I would fall into a rut. Jake knew how to get me out of it.

Not The Same (Christmas) Song

Some used only parts of it. Others used the whole song. Whichever, it was the same song for every number. My guess is that Marvin and the rest of the people at the party had enough of it in spite of the song being good.

The Unheard Muse in the Unseen Museum

I enter her temple. Invisible, constant, unmanned, delicate, and bizarre. It is a shrine built by the winds, carried by the sun, and veiled by the moon. She is the muse and the place is hers, a museum. Its windows are on the ceiling. Its solitary door remains on the floor. Without her, the hall is quiet, cold, and dark. But it is not empty.