One for the Books

I was there for two days: the first and the last. While I have done that before, it’s nice to be reminded of the stark differences between first day and last day. During the first day: there are so many books, including rare tomes and limited editions from specialty stores—you just have to know where to look; some books have discounts and some do not; and you could bump into hardcore readers and/or hoarders. During the last day: book stocks have gone down significantly; the discounts could increase to somewhere between 30% and 50%; and you could bump into people fresh off the streets that are curious about the commotion in the center.

The Wrinkle and the Waters

Your book made me curious about that particular verse, causing me to read the whole chapter, and eventually the whole book. But that wasn’t the only effect it had on me. The cavalcade of seraphim and nephilim introduced me to the world of angelology, symbology, and numerous Christian legends. And I thought only the secular world had folklore.

Boys of the Graveyard | Daily Post: Pleased to Meet You

Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along? “Who are you talking to?” The boy tightened the aviator jacket, zipped it closer to his neck. He couldn’t understand why he did not sense the…

The Juvenile Haul | A Late MIBF Post

Inexplicably, this is a late post. Usually, despite the excitement of having a good haul from the book fair, I’d still be able to remember to post about it in a timely fashion. This year, I wasn’t able to. I don’t know how that happened. I’m almost certain that I wrote an entry. My drafts…

Remember that Book | Kids and Books

What were your favorite books as a kid? Do you still read children’s books? If you would give a book to your younger self, what would it be? I come from a religious family. That is why a great number of my books as a kid were about Bible stories. Arthur Maxwell was the first…

The Creeps I Am Looking For | Daily Prompt: Fright Night

Do you like being scared by books, films, and surprises? Describe the sensation of being scared, and why you love it — or don’t. I love scary books and films. But let me concentrate on books. I have tried—really, desperately, sincerely tried—reading scary books. Yet I have to read one that would do the trick….

Nulla Rosa Est | The Name of the Rose

Dear Atty. Ace, It took me a long time but—I can finally say—I have finished reading the book! Been almost a month now since my last letter and, well, my sentiments hardly changed: I still wish I knew how to read Latin! And I believe you of all people know how instrumental even the basic…