Build It Better

Sometimes, something so broken can never be fixed
I’m sleeping more and eating again
I’m starting over like a factory town
And you always build it better the second time around

32 Minutes | Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense. 8.45 PM – I am looking at Grant’s post on Incidental Comics. I too am now wondering why it’s generally perceived awkward if men called their diaries diaries. 8.52 PM – Still thinking of other topics for Joseph’s speech class. Nothing is coming to mind. 8.55 PM…

Call of the Typhoon (A Story in Every Song) | A Mighty Wind

It’s Day 3 of Typhoon Maring’s reign. Were you living here at the capital, you’d be experiencing one of the longest weekends yet this year. Thanks to the typhoon, all the schools and colleges plus most of offices have suspended their activities on the call of floods and rain. And since I am stuck at…

The Silhouette’s Breeze | Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write! Do you like soundtracks? Soundtracks usually accompany a TV series or movie. Usually, the music is directly proportional to how the visual work is. And while some shows may not be good, their soundtracks are….

Salamat Ma | Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter. Photographers, share a photo that says mothering. Mama, I’d hate to disturb you while you’re watching your soaps. It’s a Mother’s Day special on almost every channel and every show on TV. Even the cooking shows…

The Last Unicorn

This has to be one of the longest standing enchantments that befell me. When I was still a kid, I saw watched the movie “The Last Unicorn.” Ever since then, I’ve always regarded it with awe. Then, a few years ago, I bought a DVD of the same movie and realized that it was actually…