Listening to Authors

We listened to their tales of how they started writing and the inspiration for their works, answers on how to overcome depression, writer’s block, and other hurdles, and their opinions about literature, writing, and career choices.

Achievement Unlocked: I’m Now Five!

The past year saw me gaining more than 2000 followers. I’ve now personally met 10 bloggers from WordPress. And I began blogging about clothes and fashion, which I normally don’t.

Word of the Heartbreaker

Would it be strange to take the word of the heartbreaker and use it to alleviate the pain? Like the poisoner telling you the antidote.

The Hooded Figure

Dressing up usually starts me picking what shirt to wear. At times, it depends on what weather is inflicted on the city but most times it’s about what mood I have.

The Recruits

The ring dimmed. Foot falls were heard. A sole light searched for the lone player, who was at the opposite end of the ring. I think it was a man. But that was all. Even with the light shone on him, something dark surrounded him. I couldn’t discern anything else.

Pancakes for Dessert | IHOP Mall of Asia

Personally, breakfast food is so good, it should be served all day. That’s why I love places like IHOP because not only is the breakfast menu extensive, they serve it even at night.

Chase the Sun

… [While] one foot is in the office officially pounding away at the keyboard, the other is at home packing for the weekend.

The Short and Long of It

For something small, it felt big. And now that I remember it, it’s hard to just forget about it. I can no longer keep underneath my bed.

Fall From the Sky

Wag ka muna mag tag-ulan, ndi pa handa aking feelings haha — Joseph Morong (@Joseph_Morong) May 28, 2015 [Don’t you bring the rainy season for now, my feelings are still not ready yet.] It’s been said that the Philippines has only two seasons: hot and hotter. Because of climate changes, even the cold that the…

The Unheard Muse in the Unseen Museum

I enter her temple. Invisible, constant, unmanned, delicate, and bizarre. It is a shrine built by the winds, carried by the sun, and veiled by the moon. She is the muse and the place is hers, a museum. Its windows are on the ceiling. Its solitary door remains on the floor. Without her, the hall is quiet, cold, and dark. But it is not empty.

Smart in a Stupid Way

On one edge, I up my game: clothes, hair, smarts. I use basically every are I have. I become a shinier, cleaner, proper version of me. Then there is the other edge. I act different from who I usually am. Though recognizable, yet somehow strange: louder, brasher, and stranger.