Spare Tire Orchestra

I’m a wall clock, my hands are stuck, but twice I’m right
I’m a three-legged dog but I can wag my tail alright
It’s not the pretty love songs that keep your love alive
But a spare tire orchestra, now get back in and drive

To the Beach

It’s a free beach, which is why often people could be found there. While locals are the mostly content at the promenade or by the edge of the water, most visitors choose from a number of water sports, like surfing, kite surfing, skim boarding, jet skiing, and even fishing.

The Golden Queen of Daet

The famous Formosa pineapples, dubbed the “Queen of All Pineapples”, grow well in the storm-battered lands of the province and are grown nowhere else in the region but in that province. Some believe that its legendary taste could be due in part to them growing among towering coconut trees.

The Park and the Church

There were two other statues, both painted gold but neither could I identify. Morning light flooded the hall from the portals along the walls and the diamond windows from the roof. Hanging from the ceiling was an intricate metal chandelier.

Gateway to Storm Land

Granted that a night bus ride limits the view because of darkness, I see it as the dimming of the lights in a theater just before the curtain rises to start the show. And what is the name of that show?

One of the Lesser Known Parks

As I turned the corner, I saw the sign. It was great to see green space in the heart of an urban complex. From where I stood, I could already see where the park started—and ended! While I was gladdened by the sight, it also confounded me. “This is it? This is all of it?!”

High Time for High Tea

Through cooperation with the Rustans Group of Companies, TWG Tea opened their doors in the Philippines in November 7, 2012, which was the seventh international opening for the company. As of this writing, they have six branches in the Philippines, all found within Metro Manila.

Lightning Quips

While there were other celebrities who shared their thoughts online, a number of my friends pointed to you as being one of the few worth being read. Your wit was on point and it was concise—which was so refreshing after seeing wordy tirades.

Getting NBI Clearance, 2017 Version

For those in a hurry and live in Metro Manila: consider choosing the NBI branch in Robinson’s Otis, which is in Paz Mendoza Guazon, Pandacan, Manila. It’s quite out of the way, which is why there are fewer applicants there, causing only some of the allotted 500 slots for either AM or PM half to be used.

Closure That Soothes

They have created a great number of ice cream flavors, some of them inspired by regional favorites and national treats: champorado with dilis (chocolate rice porridge with anchovies), sapin-sapin (colorful layers of rice cake), green mango with bagoong (fish paste), and the legendary leche flan pie. Some are now regulars and others are limited editions.

Cheeseburger for Me, Bacon for Them

When I saw my food, I was kind of surprised to see that the burger had a knife stuck to it. Guess they’re assuring me that the meat is dead. Thanks but I don’t think stabbing is needed.

A More Effective Time Machine

The varying penmanship, the blocky prints and wriggling cursive, all with their own depth and force completed by ink, lead, or colorful wax. The rough and simple illustrations that recall kindergarten efforts. Words vainly covered by liquid erasers.