Love for Zingies

A particular nostalgia of mine is colored dark and tastes sweet.

Just before last summer ended, there were rumors that a snack cake from the 90s would return to stores. Gossip became truth when reports were confirmed that Whammo’s was back. Yuppies who had it decades ago were feeling like kids all over again. It was a mad dash to search for even just one bar of that chocolaty goodness.

Whammo's Choco Fudge, Php 16.00
Whammo’s Choco Fudge, Php 16.00

Photos were uploaded, questions were asked, and more memories remembered. Is Big Bob still the maker of Whammo’s? What happened between then and now? Why did Whammo’s return? Would Fat Fingers – a yellow cream-filled sponge cake and the second favorite – come back as well?

But while everyone was and probably still is searching for finger-shaped snack cakes, I’m looking for something circular.

I believe that I am part of the minority that knows, reminisces, and craves for a Zingies bar. It’s also a snack cake made the creators of Whammo’s and Fat Fingers. For some strange reason, hardly anyone I know who’s had those two could recall what a Zingies is. When I ask about it, it’s like I’m making fiction as I go. But I know that it’s not and I am certain that I am not the only one who’s had it before.

Unfortunately, any Google image search yields no usable results for me. All I have are memories.

Zingies is a brown cupcake filled with cream. And of all of Big Bob’s snack cakes, it was the first I had. And though I feel like I am the only one asking for its return, I still ask for it.

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  1. Saw this too at 7-Eleven, but I think this is made by a different company now. 🙂

    Whammos, Zingies (yes, the name does ring a bell), and Candy Clouds (which came at a later time) was made by Filia Foods. They focused on these products during the 90s, but shelved them around the close of the decade. Filia Foods, meanwhile, focused on Go Nuts Donuts.

    It was only recently, with the clamor for throwback and nostalgia, that the Whammos brand was revived. I believe Filia sold off the brand recently. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for somehow remembering it. I feel almost lonely when I talk about Zingies.

      I came across an article that mentioned the snack cakes and Go Nuts Donuts but – because it was irrelevant to my search – it barely registered with me. I think I’ve had Go Nuts Donuts less than five times, most times credited to them promoting new items at a former office.

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  2. judith says:

    i luv zingies too. i wish it would make a come back too. 🥰


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