A Legendary Wolf | Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Hi! My name is Mati.

My real name, which isn’t Mati, has a number of definitions—and that depends on who you consult. According to various dictionaries of different languages, my name comes from a legendary wolf or a place of renown. My mother put a special spin to it: it is a combination of her and my father’s names, which never occurred to me until she told me in college.

Anyway, Mati, while not my real name, comes from the Sanskrit character that means “mind” or “advice,” depending which dictionary you check with. I took inspiration from a former neighbor and what my online friends usually ask of me when we chat.



9 thoughts on “A Legendary Wolf | Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

  1. My name is MaryJane. When I was born, my parents couldn’t agree on a name for me. My mother liked Mary, because I was born on The Feast of the Holy Angels – an obscure Catholic holiday. My father wanted to name me Jane, after his GrandMother, who was French and her name was Jean.
    So when it was time to take me home, my father said something to the effect of “How’s baby Jane doing?” My mother said “Since we couldn’t come to an agreement, I put MaryJane on her birth certificate.” My father was shocked that she combined the 2 names. As I grew up, my Mom always emphasized to me that my first name was MaryJane, not Mary. “Remember, you DON’T have a middle name.” ok whatever.

    I had to get a new birth certificate 2 years ago, When the clerk handed me my birth certificate, she asked me if I always went by the name ” MaryJane”. I said yes. why? She pointed out to me that on my original birth certificate, legally my first name was “Mary” and middle name was “Jane” . So, basically my mom lied to my Dad about combining my name.


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