Dining Under the Influence

Did you ever return to a restaurant to see if they have changed or if they remained the same? Or just to prove yourself wrong? Or right?

The first time I went to Zark’s Burgers, the company I had piled comments upon comments about the restaurant’s burgers, which could be summed in one word: greasy. Personally, I found it okay but somehow I found my opinion being swayed because of the incessant repetition of the same comments. This time, I thought if I would still have the same view about it sans the bothersome influence.

I asked for the Black Mamba, a beef burger that features sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and BBQ rum sauce. I was prepared to have a messy burger but was surprised to see a rather clean structure. And plate! Also, there was extra BBQ sauce.

Black Mamba, Php 159.00
Black Mamba, Php 159.00

From the first bite until the last, I enjoyed the burger. It was good. That or I was dining (and enjoying) under the influence of the rum sauce, which was more than enough for the burger and the fries.

All the while, I wondered if their burgers had always been like that or if they had changed or I had.


Zark’s Burgers
Ground Floor, Burgundy Building, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

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