Who prays to have a best friend? | Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.
Photographers, share a photo that says unconventional.

(For the record, in this blog, I refer to the unconventional meaning “exceptional.”)

A great number of the people I have known in my life have had their best friends practically their whole lives, if not half.

In my case, I just met him back in 2008.

Now why did I only have a best friend just a few years back?

  • Up until 2008, I have been under the impression that a person should not have more than one best friend. What’s the point of saying that someone is your best friend if you have other best friends?
  • All the friends that came really close to being it had to move away because of work or studies, so because of that the communication naturally died down and we were never the same.
  • I prayed.

Yeah, I’m a bit red-faced at the last one. It was one of those prayers that I said in earnest but I kind of forgot. Who prays to have a best friend? Those who never had one, I guess.

Like I said, once I sent out that prayer, I left it in the deepest recesses of my memory and lived my life in 2008. I met Jake just a few days after my birthday that year. But we did not get inexplicably close until he began telling me about a major breakup that he was going through that time. While I haven’t been through a terrible split myself, I did what I could to help: I talked to him every single night until the end of the first quarter of 2009. (You do the math on how many nights those were.)

I have no idea until now if I actually made him laugh (because I deem myself as an unfunny person) but he slowly sounded being happy. In turn, that made me happy. And relieved!

Just so you know, I’m the youngest in family. And no matter how old I get, I take that position with me to my grave. That’s why I have always wanted a younger sibling. But my mother is physically incapable to have any more. So that was wishful thinking on my part. Until Jake claimed me as his older brother.

Am I ready to be an older brother? I’ve been The Kid for years—for more than two decades for crying out loud! Well, it’s not like it was for real so I kind of refused. But he insisted that I am his older brother.

So with that, not only did I get a best friend, I also gained a younger brother.

Because of Jake, I learned how it is to help a younger brother do his homework and take him to a theme park on weekends. I discovered how it is to have a best friend over for family dinner (because my parents see him as one of their own kids) and hang out at his place (because there was nothing better to do). I also realized what it takes to fight for a friend and to fight a friend.

Fighting with your best friend isn’t unusual. We’ll get past this. Somehow. Soon.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. laislinns says:

    A wonderful kind of love and a wonderful story 🙂


    1. matiserrano says:

      Thank you so much!


  2. I am incredibly lucky to have a best friend like this, someone my mom considered part of our family as I was growing up, who later became my son’s godmother and that now my children love and embrace her as if she was my sister, which in a way she is, we’re soul sisters, she is the one person I can see eye to eye with, not that we are or think the same, but the degree of empathy and support we get from each other is not equal to what we get from others, not even blood relatives… It is a blessing, one we should pray for even after we find them, maybe more so… Read you soon Mati, Alexandra


    1. matiserrano says:

      It’s stories like yours that restore my faith in such relations.
      Thank you for that.


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